Writing a complaint letter

sample letter of complaint for bad service

We must differentiate the parts of a letter of complaint and write them clearly and correctly for our letter of complaint to be of any use. Here we explain which parts of a letter of complaint are essential whatever the reason for your complaint.

It is common to make mistakes in the letter of complaint because it is easy to get carried away by the emotional side and not keep a distance with the addressee or a polite style. You can see the most common mistakes in the letter of complaint in this section.

merchandise claim letter

If you need a letter of claim to the bank, here you can find some examples and formats to write it, you can learn what it is, how it works and in what cases it is used in addition to finding examples and a free download format.

A letter of complaint to the bank is a document in which we provide data of banking operations with which we do not agree, in which we are being overcharged or that we have not done, as it can happen when a card is stolen or cloned.

Each bank has its own complaint letter formats; here are the basic elements common to all of them and that will help you to successfully complete any complaint letter to the bank.

These claims have a time limit to make them from the cut-off date. However, it is best to make them as soon as you realize that something is wrong. This procedure starts when we realize it, by making a report by phone or internet. Then we have to go to the bank branch to fill out our letter of claim.

letter of complaint

A letter of complaint is a letter sent to a company or institution with the purpose of complaining about a malfunction in a contracted service or a complaint about a non-compliance that causes our money to be underpaid.

In the writing of this type of documents, it is necessary to be direct and immediately to comment which has been the problem for which we want to claim. It is a matter of expressing our discomfort, while at the same time asking for quick solutions that can compensate for the situation.

1 – Oral complaint: Try to avoid the need to write a letter of complaint, or to ask for the establishment’s complaint forms. The first way we recommend is the verbal complaint. Speak to the person in charge of the establishment or look for the person in charge who is in charge.

2 – Written complaint: The way to present our complaint to serve as evidence in case the other person refuses to cooperate, is by means of a written document. We can use the typical complaint forms that are issued in many establishments.

sample letter of complaint

However, letters of complaint can be extended to many other areas, including complaints about attitudes, decisions affecting the individual, unforeseen changes in contractual conditions, etc.

At the top are placed the identifying information (of both parties) that we mentioned in the previous point. This information should include name, address, locality and all available data of each of the parties involved.

An important issue when writing letters of complaint is the tone to be used. The most advisable is to use a formal tone of courtesy, avoiding sarcasm or double meanings, swear words or personal allusions.

We have prepared a sample template for a bad service complaint. In this case it is a letter of complaint to the bank, for cases in which unauthorized charges have been made. This is a sample letter of complaint to request reimbursement.

If you consider that a letter of claim is not enough to solve the situation, you can choose to take legal action. You can find out how to do this in our section on model complaints.


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