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Who has not ever played the popular game Who’s Who. Well now we have it to play on our Android device. In this game you can play against other friends, online and against the computer.

Click on the question mark next to your chosen character to ask a question and you will see the options you have [is it a man, is it a woman, is it wearing glasses, …]. After you ask the question, the computer will ask it if you are playing against it. When it asks about the character you have selected, you don’t have to do anything, it will automatically answer for you so that you don’t cheat.

If you play against an opponent other than the computer, apart from asking with the predefined answers, you can talk to him using the symbol to the right of the question mark where you ask the questions.

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Today we have the traditional game «Who’s Who», to practice physical description and clothing. It can be used to practice this topic at A1 and A2 levels (depending on the type of questions asked). Here is the game «Who’s Who». I’m sure you know how to play: one of the players chooses one of the people on the board, without telling the others who it is. The others have to ask questions that can be answered only with «yes» or «no». For example, I think of Camino. The others ask me questions like:

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To play the game you will need to print two copies of the image above. You can either laminate one board and cut the other into cards (so that one of the students can choose his or her character), or provide two copies of the board to the students, one in the form of cards and the other, cut out by its three lines that make up the row of characters, and also cut out by each character, so that if we glue the lines to a cardboard, the characters can go up and down, as in the real game.

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