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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (original title: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz) is a children’s book written by Lyman Frank Baum and illustrated by W. W. Denslow. It was first published by the George M. Hill Company of Chicago in 1900. Since then, The Wizard of Oz has been one of the most widely published books in both the United States and Europe.

This book, which narrates the adventures of a girl named Dorothy Gale in the land of Oz, is one of the best-known stories in American popular culture and has been translated into many languages. Thanks to the great success of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum wrote thirteen more books about the land of Oz.

What should be noted is that it was the first children’s storybook to feature typical American characters and places at a time when all children’s stories depicted European landscapes and characters. Although this type of representation could be seen slightly in other children’s books, such as The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, from 1878, which also take place in the United States, Oz was the first children’s storybook to feature typical American characters and places.

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He was born into a devout Methodist family of German, Scots-Irish and English descent. He was the seventh of nine children born to Cynthia Stanton and Benjamin Ward Baum; only five survived to adulthood. He was named «Lyman,» after his father’s brother, although he disliked this name and preferred «Frank.» His mother, Cynthia Stanton, was a descendant of Thomas Stanton, one of the four founders of the Connecticut town of Stontington.

In July 1888, Baum and his wife moved to Aberdeen, South Dakota, where they opened a store, Baum’s Bazaar. His habit of selling on credit led to the bankruptcy of the business, so Baum returned to editing a local newspaper, The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer, where he wrote a column, «Our Landlady.» Baum’s description of Kansas in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz is based on the dry South Dakota landscape. For much of this period, Matilda Joslyn Gage lived in the Baum household.

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Imagine a good witch and a bad witch. Well, the GOOD WITCH is just that, the one you have imagined. With the face of a good witch, the hair of a good witch, the smile of a good witch. Very good. She is so good that she is going to help DOROTHY find the WIZARD OF OZ to help her go home. That’s why she will give him the MAGICAL RED SHOES with which he will be able to walk to OZ.

BAD WITCH.Imagine a bad, bad, bad witch, capable of making popcorn turn into large grains of salt to annoy you. That’s the BAD, BAD, BAD WITCH. She’s so bad that she wants to take away DOROTHY’S MAGICAL RED SHOES and will do everything she can to make sure he never finds the WIZARD OF OZ and never gets home.

This character makes a lot of noise because he is made of tin. He is made out of pieces of tin and he is sad because he has no heart. The Tin Man wants to have a HEART. A heart is for loving, for feeling the things that happen to us, in short, for LIVING. He befriends DOROTHY because he wants the WIZARD OF OZ to give him a HEART.

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One day a terrible tornado appeared out of nowhere and completely swallowed the house and the barn. Dorothy and Totó, who were playing inside, were very frightened when they noticed how the house came off the ground.

When they looked out the window and saw that huge house flying in circles all over the ground, they couldn’t believe it. The house kept turning two or three times in the air, but then it began to fly silently, dragged by the wind….

Hours went by without seeing anyone… When in the distance, they could see a Scarecrow standing right at the edge of the road. They stopped to watch him for a while and to their surprise, the scarecrow took off his hat and said «Good afternoon»….

Suddenly a lion appeared on the road, they were all frightened because they did not imagine that he was the most cowardly lion in the world. He wanted to be brave but he didn’t know how to do it. He was even afraid of his shadow!

The lion was in the middle of the road, walking distractedly along it, sniffing the ground and stopping to lick his paws. Suddenly, he turned his head and was petrified to see Dorothy, Toto, and his new friends standing perfectly still and looking scared.


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