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selective mutism in children

Video games, computer games, social media, television, toys, pets: our homes have many distractions. Make a list of things that distract your child. Then find ways to limit them during study time.

Physical exercise helps us think better. Being in motion improves our ability to solve problems and pay attention, as well as our memory. Physical activity is a way to reduce stress and prevent anxiety. Experts say that when we move and increase our heart rate, it has a positive effect on how we think.

exercise programs to do at home. Identify a time and place for physical activity. The best time to exercise might be just before you start studying. It is also important to take breaks during the day.

On YouTube you can adjust the settings to slow down the playback speed if your child has a hard time following the videos. You can also include subtitles in the settings section, if it helps your child to read the text while listening to the videos.

selective mutism in adolescents

In addition, it is very important that you respect your child’s interests and preferences, whatever they may be. Also, try to avoid overly authoritarian styles of education. Remember that your children have feelings and that you must take them into account, and encourage their emotional expression by allowing your child to tell you how they feel freely, without feeling judged.

On the other hand, it is important to praise your child. Let them see the things they do well, their virtues… Your child needs you to help them see the positive side of life and to value themselves. If someone talks about your child’s depression and belittles his symptoms, explain the reality to him. Depression is not an invention but a serious reality: do not let anyone underestimate what your child is feeling.

selective mutism in adults

Times have changed, with the pandemic we have had to adapt to a new era, a new life, in different areas of life. The use of cell phones, Tablet, technology conditions us at work, and in day to day life.

Finally, if the problem is more serious and difficult to address, it is important that parents or guardians seek psychological and medical help to determine the causes of this addiction and develop a plan together to avoid further consequences. And how to deal with the situation adequately.

selective mutism

Article BodyLearning disabilities can often be treated very successfully, even though they cannot be cured. The goal of therapy is to enable young people to live with their limitations as productively as possible. Generally, treatment consists of four steps:

With so many differences among adolescents with learning deficits, treatment must be individualized. Anticipate frequent changes in the trajectory toward improvement, as one medication is replaced by another or you switch therapies mid-treatment because the behavioral technique you hoped would help your son or daughter did not meet your expectations. This is a field in which even the experts freely admit that no one has all the answers.

The information contained in this website should not be used as a substitute for the medical advice and care of your pediatrician. There may be many variations in the treatment your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.


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