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Seven wonders on three continents received votes from Internet users. Four of the winners are in Asia, two in South America, and one in Africa. In case you don’t remember them, here’s a refresher.

In Komodo National Park – in the smaller islands of Indonesia’s Sonda – the real stars of the show are the dragons, reptiles that can grow up to three meters long and weigh up to 80 kilos. Survivors of Australia’s giant lizards, they have become the main attraction for nature lovers. The park, which encompasses the islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar, was considered by Lonely Planet one of the ten best destinations in Asia to travel in 2018. And is that in addition to the dragon, visitors can get close to the beach of Kanawa and dive among a dazzling variety of marine fauna on the reefs.

Located on the Asian mainland, Jeju is also known as Quelpart Island or the «island of love,» as it was for decades a prominent honeymoon destination. Its subtropical climate – warmer than the rest of Korea – volcanic landscapes and lush vegetation attract many Chinese and Japanese tourists looking for a place to relax on the beach. Paradoxically, the island has some peculiarities, such as being in possession of the busiest air route in the world, or the existence of Jeju Loveland, a theme park dedicated to pleasure.

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They are located on the border of three countries; Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. There are 275 waterfalls that form the 4 kilometers of length of the set. The best known is the Devil’s Throat with 80 meters high.

The Amazon is one of the few natural reserves of great magnitude that remain on the planet. It is made up of extensive areas of jungle and tropical forests, inhabited by indigenous peoples and an enormous variety of flora and fauna.

We have to go to South Korea to find this island that will leave us speechless to become another of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Jeju Island, also known as Quelpart or Love Island, is located in the Korean Strait.

These seven places, without distinction, are places that without a doubt you have to see with your own eyes in order to get to perceive their beauty. Seven natural wonders that seem otherworldly, but are within reach of every intrepid traveler who is willing to discover them. If you feel like visiting some of these destinations, check out our pre-sale promotion.

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