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Next we will see what they mean exactly; I’ll tell you in advance that they have to do with the execution times of the exercises or more specifically with the speed of the repetitions that we perform within each series.

Let’s say two guys decide to perform ten repetitions of rowing. One lifts the weight slowly, goes up for a count of three, and lowers the weight for a count of six, and the other starts to raise and lower the weight like a swing.

High intensity and slow-paced training will produce the following effects on building muscle mass: stimulation of type II muscle fibers, increased muscle glycogen, phosphocreatine, adenosine triphosphate, adenosine diphosphate, creatine, phosphorylase, and Krebs cycle enzyme activity (which in sum, mean more strength and muscle mass!).

Two recent studies have shown the superior value of varying training speed over the type of training that maintains a constant contraction speed throughout an entire program.

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And to find out exactly how much exercise time to do each day, I had to research the topic and here I tell you everything I found out (spoiler: you will be surprised to know that even 1 minute can be enough).

It is a paradox, we have at our disposal technology, gadgets, cars and machines that in theory save us time, but we have taken care to fill our time with many activities, some important but others with very little benefit in your life (like passing a level in candy crush).

Some reasons are: «I don’t exercise because of: lack of organization, laziness, family, work, obligations, lack of priorities, lack of motivation, lack of willpower, not finding a suitable routine…» and a long etcetera.

This answer will help us to fill the energy tank to start. And more importantly it will help your brain to find a clear reason that excites us much more than the simple fact of «being healthy».

Your brain initiates movement, but, is in turn benefited by movement: new neurons, new connections are born. In fact, exercise is so powerful that it benefits every single cell in your body – even your genes!

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Measuring times when exercising is the most common practice that exists, and it is a way to control at all times what we are doing, both when lifting the weight and when we are resting between sets. This fondness for controlling time is what leads us to set limits to training and set guidelines that are not always met, and it is necessary to keep in mind that the times should be marked depending on the type of training and the results we want to achieve.

As we have indicated on countless occasions, each person needs a set of guidelines when training and getting results, since each body is different and not all of us have the same capacity for recovery or endurance as the rest. For this reason to establish a series of times can help us, but we must always be realistic and adapt them to what we will be able to do and what we want to do.

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Finding time to exercise is difficult. Even though we have every intention of getting fitter, looking and feeling better, incorporating a little bit of physical activity into our chaotic routine becomes almost impossible.

Think, for example, of Olympic athletes, sometimes it seems as if they were aliens because of their incredible physical abilities, control over their bodies and obviously their healthy appearance.

It has been seen that athletes have better self-control and therefore make better decisions, develop better emotional intelligence and their cognitive capacity is better compared to people who do not exercise. 3

The same happens with your time, because it is the most valuable resource you have, it is limited and it is up to you to take advantage of it in activities that do you good, or on the contrary, waste it in others that do not have much benefit.

Here comes the good news: it has been proven that exercise helps you sleep better 8 , and therefore it is likely that little by little you will be able to wake up a little earlier, at the same time that you increase the intensity and duration of your exercise.


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