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Since a viewer, no matter how much of a movie buff he may be, cannot see all the movies, he must decide which ones to watch and which ones to skip. To do so, they have tools such as synopses, trailers or information about the people who made the film: director, actors, producers, etc. Another of these tools, and in our opinion the most interesting, are the Film Reviews.

The Birds is not the end of the list of films by the brilliant British director Alfred Hitchcock, as it was followed by Marnie (1964), Top Curtain (1966), Topaz (1969), Frenzy (1972) and Family Plot (1976). However, …

«I think happiness exists. It comes in bursts, in furtive and intense moments that stop our watches. You have to know how to capture those moments, like the rings that we used to try to hook with …

To escape from the aesthetics and ideologies of social networks, you can watch films like these and get a slap in the face. A good slap in time is highly recommended to protect yourself from now on …

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Film criticism or film criticism is the analysis and evaluation of films, individually or collectively. It can generally be divided into academic criticism, by specialists in film theory, and journalistic criticism, which appears regularly in newspapers and other media.

The impact of criticism on box-office receipts is a matter of debate. There are claims that the marketing of films is so intense and highly funded that critics can do nothing against it. However, both the commercial failures of some heavily promoted films (e.g., Alexander in the United States), which were harshly criticized, and the unexpected success of lauded independent films (such as Pulp Fiction) indicate that extreme critical reactions can have a considerable influence.[citation needed]

Almost all films, no matter how they have been criticized, may have some critics who praise them. These accolades usually appear in the film’s publicity. They usually tend to include expressions such as «Spectacular,» «Wonderful,» or «Thrilling.»[citation needed]

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A good review should be based on concrete, objective and contrasted facts and should never be subject to the emotion or impression of the person who carries it out. We must avoid making global, blaming and generalized criticisms. Through our messages we will make it clear that we are speaking from our point of view, opinions and desires.

It is important to keep in mind that if the CHANGE is produced, we must REINFORCE that change and show it to the other person. In that way we will make him/her see that we have identified his/her new behavior and that we value his/her effort.

If CHANGE DOES NOT OCCUR, the process must be repeated, identifying possible difficulties in carrying out the previously agreed solution and, if necessary, proposing NEW ALTERNATIVES.

Just as it is important to learn how to criticize, it is important to know how to receive criticism.    When we receive a complaint, we may agree with the substance of the matter, or we may not, or we may want more information about what we are being told.

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The end, however, comes, and it comes in a dizzying and moving way; moving, above all, because of the performance of Robin Williams and a cast of young actors (some of whom have successfully continued their acting careers) who know how to endow with verisimilitude this group of restless teenagers, schooled in a closed-minded boarding school, whose horizons open wide thanks to their new literature teacher and their encounter with poetry.

It is poetry, in fact, more than cinema, that oozes from this film: a poetry that makes the viewer who has been able to enter the story grow the same seed of carpe diem that Professor Keating sows in his students. That is why this film, although not impeccably made, should be a must-see for all teenagers: not because the protagonists are also in their teens, not because it deals with family problems and major themes such as friendship, loyalty and betrayal, but because its frames – and its verses – inspire to live.


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