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Municipio en Canarias, EspañaLas Palmas de Gran CanariaMunicipioVistas de Las Palmas, en el sentido de las agujas del reloj desde arriba: Playa de Las Canteras, centro de gobierno local de Canarias, sala Alfredo Kraus, catedral de Santa Ana de noche, faro del puerto de Las Palmas, teatro Pérez Galdós, vista del centro de Las Palmas

Las Palmas (Reino Unido: /ˌlæs ˈpælməs, – ˈpɑːl-/, US: /ˌlɑːs ˈpɑːlməs, -mɑːs/;[2][3] español:  [las ˈpalmas]), oficialmente Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,[a] es una ciudad y capital de Gran Canaria, en las Islas Canarias, en el Océano Atlántico.

Es la capital (junto con Santa Cruz de Tenerife), la ciudad más poblada de la comunidad autónoma de Canarias, y la novena ciudad más grande de España con una población de 381.223 habitantes en 2020[4]. También es la quinta área urbana más poblada de España y (según las fuentes) la novena o décima área metropolitana más poblada de España[5][6][7][8][9].

Las Palmas está situada en el noreste de la isla de Gran Canaria, a unos 150 km de la costa marroquí[10] en el Océano Atlántico. Las Palmas experimenta un clima desértico y caluroso,[nota 1] compensado por la corriente canaria, más fría, con temperaturas cálidas durante todo el año. Su temperatura media anual es de 21,2 °C[11].

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2. The Africa Twin won the Paris-Dakar in the first four editions in which it competed. In 1986 and 1987 the Frenchman Cyril Neveu won. In 1988 the Italian Edi Orioli rode the Honda and lifted the trophy, and in 1989 Gilles Lalay, also from France, did the same.

4. It has one of the largest fuel tanks on the market, with an approximate capacity of 24 liters that allow you to travel up to 500 kilometers without worrying about refueling. Ideal, if one takes into account the inhospitable environments in which it is usually used.

6. The Africa Twin was not the first Honda twin-cylinder. Neither was the Transalp. We have to go back to 1983 to find the XLV750, which was presented, curiously, in a ‘cross’ circuit in Ibiza. It was discontinued in 1986.

8. Our protagonist has its own African rendezvous, the Africa Twin Morocco Epic Tour, which between May 11 and 19, 2018 held its second edition. This exclusive trip for owners of the mythical trail offers about 300 kilometers per day through breathtaking landscapes of Morocco.

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Honda has introduced some improvements for the 2022 version of its CRF 1100L Africa Twin such as an aluminum rear rack, something that incomprehensibly was not on the standard version, improvements to the dual clutch system or new graphics with the Africa Twin logo nice and big.

The trail bike that Honda relaunched in 2016 has not stopped improving since then and has managed to generate a whole legion of unconditional fans for which they are the best mixed bike on the market, much more agile and enduro than the BMW R 1250 GS, which is always one of the references, and almost with the same gifts for long-haul touring.

At the heart of the Africa Twin Adventure Sports, a six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) controls not only the 7-level HSTC but also the 3-level Wheelie Control, Cornering ABS (with off-road setting), Rear Lift Control and DCT corner detection. Four default riding modes are available: Urban, Tour, Gravel and Off-Road.

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It is not my intention to make a serious «report» because I have neither the experience nor the sensitivity of a motorcycle tester, but I have noticed some differences on the one hand, and similarities on the other between the Africa and the Tiger that I want to share with you in case they are of your interest.

A week ago, when the Honda salesman saw me arrive on the Tiger, he told me «they are very different concepts». These people have to sell, and I could have left it at that, but I couldn’t resist to answer him…. «Different? They have 95 hp. The wheels are almost the same, spoked. Almost the same equipment. Almost the same weight. The same dimensions. Height… And the price difference is just over 1000 €. Where is the difference? But that day it was raining a lot in Granada and I decided not to try the Africa. I wanted to do it well, without anything clouding the sensations. And I left it for the following Friday, which was today.

The model available at the Towca motor dealer, was the one with the dual clutch automatic transmission that is giving so much to talk about in the Honda environment. It is supposed to be much improved over her older sister, despite which I had my reluctance, as I preferred to try the manual to compare the sensations in equal conditions in this aspect. And precisely the gearbox has been one of the protagonists of the contact.


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