Body parts in spanish

The parts of the body in spanish worksheet

Learning a new language boosts human development because it is related to basic communication skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Communicating is a global phenomenon, which is why mastering a foreign language such as English has a positive impact on the daily, professional and work life of every person.

We already told you a little about the importance of the cognitive part, but now it’s time to tackle the body parts in English. Do you think you know them all? How many can you mention without looking at our list?

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Body parts in english – exercises

Have you ever played Simon says? This is a children’s game to learn and practice body parts in English. If you don’t know it, the rules are very simple: a person says <<Simon says, touch your…>>, and indicates which part of the body you have to touch with a finger. Whoever gets confused, loses a point (or gains a letter of the word Simon).

It sounds easy, but there’s a catch. Because, if the person who chooses the body part does not say Simon says before touching your…, whoever touches the indicated body part, will receive the same punishment you read before.

If you like to run, this section on body parts in English will be very useful for you. Especially, when you develop this activity after a certain time in sedentary mode. Because you will be able to identify which part of your leg or foot hurts.

Once you have learned the vocabulary of the lower limbs, it is the turn of the upper limbs. Again, we have followed the same order as in the previous section. This way, you will be able to identify them much better and repeat their names one by one on one of your outstretched arms.

Human body parts

When the specified risk materials have not been removed from dead animals which have not been slaughtered for human consumption, the parts of the body containing the specified risk materials or the whole body shall be treated as specified risk materials.

Massage in a bath is carried out as follows: the massaged person preliminarily takes a shower, then leaves in 5 – 7 minutes on a stove (it is possible with a broom), and at this time the masseur in soap prepares a place for massage scalds several times with its hot water, then prepares 1 – 2 peroliths with hot water for heating of a bench during massage. after the beginning of abundant hydradenitis the massaged person leaves a stove, washes a body with hot water and lies down on the prepared place. massage is carried out on the well soapy body in a position being first on a belly, then on a back. total duration of massage on average 20-25 minutes. a result of massage of parts of a body itself, as at regular massage. during massage as a result of increase of hydradenitis at the massaged person can arise feeling of cooling. in this case they heat it, watering hot water.

Parts of the human body inside

As you can see, just on the top of the human body there are a lot of terms, but that even in English are not so strange to our knowledge, for sure you have heard many of them in movies or in any conversation on social networks.

Considering the amount of bones that the human body has and their importance to keep our shell in good working order, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at the body parts in English calcified.

Most people have 12 pairs of ribs, but some people are born with one or more extra ribs and others with one fewer pair. Most people have 12 pairs of ribs, but some people are born with one or more extra ribs and others with one fewer pair.


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