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Poems and verses may not be too fashionable right now, however, what cannot be denied is that, for decades, and even centuries, they were the best method to conquer women, and to get to fall in love with the love of your life.

Now that you have been able to read all these beautiful verses to conquer, it is best that you discover some of the best ways to use them, since the same poem can have completely different effects depending on the moment and the way you recite them.

The best thing to do, without a doubt, is to recite them in person, looking your crush in the eyes. However, this is something that can be quite imposing, and you may not feel comfortable with this idea, but that’s okay, because thanks to the advances we have today this is no longer essential.

Something that you should certainly not forget, is that it is best to wait for a special occasion to recite this type of poems, as they are a very romantic way to express feelings, and if you say them at any time, that magic will disappear.

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Women are so important in this life that all the words in the dictionary are not enough to describe how essential they are. We all have in our lives more than one special woman whom we love, admire and/or protect.

A mother, a sister, a wife, a daughter, a grandmother, all of them and many more are wonderful women who deserve to always be complimented with sweet words, no need for it to be a special date.

Many times you have given your love without measure and you have not always been well repaid, but still you continue to do so because in your heart there is no room for rancor or resentment. Your love is real and it is worthy of admiration».

Women are priceless, so don’t mince words when addressing them. We hope that with these phrases you will steal many smiles from the women around you. Come back soon to visit our website.

the beauty of your smile poem

poetry of the eighteenth century and in none of the romantic poets are found the references to feminine charms that if they did not individualize at least humanized the portraits of the beautiful women that cross the poems of Meléndez Valdés.

The beautiful lady of golden hair and clear eyes, maintained throughout the Golden Century, the feature of the whiteness of the complexion survives, while the hair can be blond or brown, although with predominance of the first one, and the eyes clear or black, although the eyes can be black.

The images to represent the beauty of the beloved, when describing her are the already topical ones of snow, jasmine or marble for the complexion, ruby or carnation for the lips, roses for the cheeks and stars for the cheeks and stars for the eyes.

While the beloved remains inaccessible, and therefore pure, there is an abundance of images that exalt her purity and her divine character: the noun «angel» is the most abundantly applied to her, followed by «virgin» and the adjective «celestial». The woman who has experienced a loving passion ceases to be the object of desire and is despised and denigrated1.

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It must be said without hesitation: poetry is one of the most intense ways of using language. In our intimacy we tend to give it banal and tame uses, but in poetic language! How alive is the word and the mind that draws! How urgent are poems! To fall in love, to throw off loneliness, to plunge into our inner self, to draw an instant. These uses run wild like rivers among the verses and flutter in the feast of meaning. The poet’s language has the beauty of the living and eternal. He is a tamer of voices. Poetic language has the beauty of remaining hot, wrapped in the same fire with which it was created, and that is how poetry is offered to us: as fire.

The absence of thousands of great and memorable poets is evident. But, let not everything look petty, these poets also represent their times, they are part of a longer and more varied process: the drawing of the human soul. Jorge Luis Borges already intuited it in his lectures: apparently we are only one man represented in thousands; that is to say, we are only one poet manifesting thousands of versions of the same subject: loneliness, the master


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