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13 seasons of La Que Se Avecina (we don’t know if there will be more) are a lot of fun. Among other things to laugh a lot, but above all to get to know the characters. Some endure over time and seem eternal, others come and go, others were sporadic. And the most curious ones, suddenly disappeared. This is the case of Leo’s character, the famous vacuum cleaner salesman. Do you remember him?

If there is a series that is part of our heart, that is La Que Se Avecina. Well, okay, Cuéntame Cómo Pasó too. But Telecinco’s show has something special, because it makes us laugh a lot and creates characters whose phrases we copy. In this section Amador Rivas and Antonio Recio are very much to blame, or the scriptwriters.

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Leonardo Romaní, better known as Leo, was a fictional character in the series La que se avecina, which is present from the first to the eighth season of the series. The character is played by actor Luis Miguel Seguí.

In the sentimental sphere, Leo defined himself as a single man who shied away from stable relationships. However, in reality his greatest desire was to be able to start a family, so he always tried to conquer the first woman he met or who showed him a minimum of attention.

Leo came from a good family and was a cultured and well-educated man, which is why many women approached him because of his economic capacity. On the other hand, his greatest hobby was video games, his favorite being Zombie Warrior.

In the fourth season, after another brief stay at Leo’s house, he decides to buy the Bajo A from Amador after taking pity on his situation. Now single again, Leo begins a relationship with Estela Reynolds (Antonia San Juan), Javi’s mother-in-law. Estela was looking for a man to get pregnant with and, incidentally, to pay her alimony, and thought Leo was the perfect candidate. Javi, wanting to get rid of his mother-in-law, supported the courtship, but eaten up with guilt, he told Leo the truth, who ended up breaking up with Estela.

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Leonardo Romaní, known by all as Leo, has been one of the most famous characters of La que se avecina. Luis Miguel Seguí (October 4, 1976, Alicante) was the actor who gave life to the owner of 1ºB in Mirador de Montepinar and one of the members of the ‘leones o huevones’ with Mente fría, Amador, Vicente or Javi.

One of the most important seasons was the eighth, which aired on Telecinco in 2015. It was when Leo fell madly in love with Alba Recio, the transsexual daughter of Antonio Recio, played by Víctor Palmero. The thing ended in marriage.

Happiness was short-lived in fiction because, during their honeymoon, Leo died while skydiving. All this was to justify Seguí’s departure from the comedy of the Caballero brothers for Mediaset.

Viewers can still see Leo’s moments in the reruns of LQSA’s episodes on FDF. His most mythical phrases remain for the memory. «I’m single, it’s so good to be alone…», «I’m not looking for my better half, but to be the complete orange» or «And when will you give me my money back, Amador?», are some of them.

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Sad Sunday Day for the World of Comedy. On July 28, 2019 a great has left us, the Actor Eduardo Gomez has left us. He played the Character of Mariano Delgado in «ANHQV» (2003-2006) and Maxi, Mente Fría in «LQSA» between 2007 and 2013.

Amparo participated in other series such as «A Tortas con la Vida», «Manolo y Benito Corporeision», «El Síndrome de Ulises» (Antena 3) or «Stamos Okupados» (TVE). In Cinema, he participated in the film «Pacto de Brujas».

Gold Medal of Merit in Fine Arts, he had been admitted on August 20 at the Xanit International Hospital in Benalmadena (Malaga), the same hospital where he was operated on January 9 for a tumor in the urinary tract and had to be operated on a second occasion.

In fact, he was the first Actor who appeared in the Series in the Pilot Episode, together with Malena Alterio (Cris, his Girlfriend), Elio González (Eric) and Guillermo Ortega (Joaquín), when they signed the purchase of the 2nd B Flat in Montepinar, which did not last long.


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