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Auronplay – creo que mi padre es un elfo

Estos establecimientos han hecho las delicias de los bilbaínos durante muchas generaciones. Estas tiendas, algunas de ellas centenarias, venden todo tipo de productos: moda, bisutería, repostería, etc. e incluso las tradicionales «txapelas» o boinas vascas. Eso sí, con la experiencia de muchas décadas detrás del mostrador. Y con el mismo cuidado y anticipación que la primera vez.

En El Corte Inglés de Gran Vía encontrará una exclusiva selección de marcas en cada una de sus plantas. Lo mejor en moda y complementos, así como artículos para el hogar, deportivos, de ocio y culturales te esperan con las mejores condiciones y su garantía, el lema oficial de la firma: «La garantía de El Corte Inglés»: si no queda satisfecho, le devolvemos su dinero.

How i made money to move to madrid when i was 19

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Pablo alborán tells us about his upcoming tour

Sebastián Yatra, Dani Martín, Leiva, Aitana or Pablo Alborán will be some of the artists who will perform during the Los40 Music Awards 2021 gala, which will be held for the first time in Palma on November 12 and whose tickets are sold out.

International artists such as Rocco Hunt, Griff, Justin Quiles, Nicki Nicole, Topic Feat.A7S and other national artists such as Beret, Hombres G, Álvaro Soler, Marc Seguí, Zzoilo and Álvaro de Luna will close the line-up.

Over the next few days Los40 will announce more details about the celebration of these awards, in which Ed Sheeran and C. Tangana are the favorites, followed by Pablo Alonso and Pablo Alonso. Tangana followed by Pablo Alborán, Olivia Rodrigo, The Kid Laroi, Rauw Alejandro, Ana Mena and Sebastián Yatra.

03. el momo – cómo quieres ft. beret (prod. táser)

It has been quite a long process. I’m inspired by the day to day and the things that make us a little bit bigger little by little. I work a lot from melancholy, the things that open your heart a little bit more. Although I can’t talk about specific situations, each song is a world. In each song I imagine a movement in my head and when I listen to it, it takes me to that moment. I guess that’s the beautiful capacity that songs have.

I had already worked with most of them on ‘Chimera’ and I knew that with them I would get the sounds I wanted on this album. When it was almost finished Simon and Martin arrived. The guys from Morat were a pleasant surprise, I didn’t expect them, they were a super discovery. They are the most humble people I’ve met in the industry and I think that’s why they go far. I admire them a lot and I am delighted that they have been part of this. I feel super grateful to the whole team.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I’m a pretty sensitive person in general about life. When you are like that, you try to look at everything with a different perspective, you try to relativize situations so that they don’t affect you so much. I don’t consider that success was a bad change in me. I think maybe it was due later and not in my twenties, but it’s okay because I still have my values and my principles above all else. For me the basis of everything is love and morals and I’m not going to change my way of feeling because people don’t understand that you have to be kind to the world. This does not mean that I have no character.


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