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It should be noted in this Outlet Antony Morato the large number of types of garments put on sale from jackets to underwear through shirts, pants and shirts. In addition, within each type of garments we find a variety of different models and some of them in various shades so it is a very complete collection.

As you can see the garments that we offer show great sobriety but without losing a chic touch, the tones are basically focused on the neutrals especially gray, white and black there is some concession to color but only in very selected garments.

We do not want to leave without commenting on the world of accessories. In the Outlet Antony Morato we have found a great variety of belts, caps, hats and scarves and scarves that give any look a special point.

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The digital approach was born out of the need to push boundaries on a daily basis. Lively and contemporary, the brand addresses a new generation of conscious consumers who see fashion as a way to express themselves. The collections are adapted to every moment of the day, guaranteeing the consumer the possibility of choosing innovative outfits without losing their personal style. Those looking for original and trendy garments will certainly not be disappointed.

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Sometimes you do not find what you want in stores because you like modern things, with a touch of sophistication and avant-garde. In that case, you should know Antony Morato, an Italian firm that sells online, which is not expensive, and has clothes that are not easy to find elsewhere. There is life beyond the typical low cost fashion chains, and a good way to renew your wardrobe and your style is to get out of what everyone else is wearing and try new stores. We show you Antony Morato’s spring-summer 2016 collection.

Antony Morato has slim suits with thin lapels, which are worn with a modern and youthful style, sporty trends influence the slippers type shoes, bombers and printed T-shirts.


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