Lorena leiva gave it all in yo soy chile 3 with «la fuerza».

The artist investigates the transformations of interior and domestic spaces, establishes the theme of memory as a link between the physical space and what was or what could have been. It is an alternative reconstruction of the memory of the place through a graphic intervention and symbolic representations of different strata of time.

Within ‘Strata: Archaeology of Time’, a series of etchings and drawings made on images of, for example, the old factory La Maquinista de Levante, a passage of Fuencarral or the house in Rome of Mario Praz will be exhibited at the Muram. In total, 15 works in different formats are shown. Also, in the Muram hall, Mar Hernández has made an ephemeral mural; an intervention on the wall by means of drawing and acrylic marker of ten square meters.

His work has been selected and awarded in various competitions of Engraving, Drawing, and Photography. In 2010 he won the first National Drawing Prize Province of Guadalajara; in 2011 Honorable Mention in the International Printmaking Contest Carmen Arozena, organized by Brita Prinz Arte and an Accesit in the III International Competition of Plastic Arts IKAS ART. In 2012 he received the Award of the Graphic Art Contest Young Creators of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando, Calcografía Nacional; in addition to receiving an honorable mention in the XIII José Caballero Printmaking Contest, Las Rozas, Madrid.

Lorena leiva surprised with myriam’s «huele a peligro».

Are you one of those people who think that there are no other paradises than the lost ones? I think that many times we don’t realize that we were living in paradise until we lose it, but I also think that we can’t live anchored in nostalgia because it prevents us from moving forward.

In the field of evocation you have found the way to tell your reality. What do you find in the past so that you have chosen it as the protagonist of your work? I have always been curious about the stories that enclose the objects and places of the past. I tend to identify with the people who inhabited those spaces; that’s why I like to trace the few traces they left behind. And if I don’t find them, I resort to my imagination to recreate other possible worlds, as if they were parallel realities.

Part of your work has a lot to do with the intrahistory of your family, in Murcia. Do you feel that you have become the guardian of the collective memory? The truth is that many of the objects that appear in my works belong to my family, also some of the places represented are connected to my biography in some way.

Hazard hace los deberes: su frase para riquelme en español

«Sculpting Cervantes: Idealism and Ranger Knights» by Spanish artists On October 22, 2016, the two-month «Sculpting Cervantes: Idealism and Ranger Knights» international artist residency, co-organized by the Void Garden and the Cervantes Institute of the Spanish Cultural Center in Beijing, was officially launched. The four Spanish artists have already taken up residence in the printmaking studios of Xuyuan. Fernando Bellver Fernando Bellver (1954-) is a Spanish painter who founded the Taller Mayor 28 studio in 1980 and became a visiting professor at the University of Austin in 1984. He has been on the jury of several awards, such as the Young Art Villa Award in 1999 and the National Image Award in 2010. He has exhibited in Madrid, New York, Berlin, Chile, Rome, Mexico, Tokyo, Pakistan, Cuba, etc. Monique de Roux Monique de Roux (1946-) is a French oil painter and printmaker. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid, she received the «Carmen Arozena» International Print Prize in 1980 and the «Máximo Ramos» Prize in 1984. She has donated nearly 130 prints to the National Library in Madrid, including almost all of her work. Laura LioLaura Lio (1967-) is of Argentine origin and has been working and living in Spain since 1990. Her sculptures and paintings are included in numerous galleries, museums and private collections. She is currently involved in a cultural research project in a comprehensive field that spans sculpture, painting, website construction, artist books, poetry and sound. mar Hernandez RiquelmeMar Hernandez Riquelme (1984-) Spanish painter, winner of several awards in copperplate, photography and image making, among which She is currently completing her PhD on «Innovative support for contemporary painting». Mar uses the language of copperplate and painting to restore a living scene to its original vacant state, and then expresses the real or imagined furniture in a layered way, allowing people to see the passage of time.

«memories of the union» – painting exhibition mar hernandez

He also highlighted the contribution of Mrs. Ortega González in leading the development of two distance learning school cycles, the strengthening of cooperation between schools and research centers, as well as the application of the guidelines of the General Directorate in the attention to the demands for an educational life free of violence against women in schools, among other tasks. Ms. Ortega González will later collaborate in other projects of the Institute that will allow her to address health and family issues.

In education, she has served as general director of Innovation and Academic Strengthening in Mexico City until 2015, participating in the updating of more than 70 thousand teachers in basic education, school coexistence and art education.

Hernández Riquelme will continue with the guidelines set by the Institute’s General Directorate to promote quality artistic education and research with a gender focus, as part of the transversal axis of inclusion, equality and diversity established since the beginning of the present administration. Continue the commitments made with school communities and teachers to guarantee environments free of gender-based violence and violence of all kinds. It will work hand in hand with school principals and research centers to define the best conditions for the gradual and responsible return to on-site classes. Likewise, in the process of strengthening the labor improvement agenda that is being worked on with the various union groups.


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