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We are living a change of era, where digital life is already life itself. However, we do not believe that this is the age of technology, but we are convinced that this is the age of people. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing all aspects of our realities: the labor market, entertainment, personal relationships, culture, learning, education, among other day-to-day activities in which we are immersed. And in this context, we cannot leave anyone behind: that is our purpose.

We are convinced that Fundación Telefónica Movistar’s programs transform lives, impacting the different dimensions of human development. In order to achieve this expected impact, the intervention focused on three aspects:

It is the proposal to reduce the educational gap, providing digital education adaptable to different contexts, with or without internet connection, and allowing the personalization of the educational process of each student. This program focuses its training on primary school teachers, allowing them to develop skills in innovative classroom management and ICT tools through training content of at least 90 hours.


The Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo promote the comprehensive training of unemployed people, strengthening their digital skills and preparing them in a transversal way for the needs of the new labor market.

‘Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo’ is a new modality of Lanzaderas. It allows to adapt labor orientation to the challenges of the digital era, to the challenges of a global labor market, continuously changing and increasingly technological; which evolves rapidly and demands the digital transformation of all professions.

‘Lanzaderas Conecta Empleo’ changes its structure and offers three main activities with a progressive digital transformation: ‘Digital Literacy’, ‘Employment Satellites’ and ‘Lanzadera Conecta Empleo’.

The objective is to serve more people and offer a more individualized and more digital job orientation, adapted to the technological training and needs of each unemployed person.

Up to 30 people can participate in each shuttle. It lasts five months and participants will attend face-to-face and virtual sessions. They will develop a job prospecting plan, update their cv, rehearse interviews and contact companies. In addition, they will have the assistance of a specialized technician during the months of the program, although the objective is to find a job earlier.

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The development of websites and mobile applications has become an important employment niche. A hook that, consequently, can exert a powerful attraction on young people who have grown up and spend their lives surrounded by screens.

The itineraries, with a duration of 215 hours for the Front End and Android contents and 270 hours for those related to Mobile Applications and Java, offer specific technical training, as well as transversal training in entrepreneurial skills or ‘soft skills’.

Through Conecta Empleo, Fundación Telefónica wants to connect people with a new reality, «that of a constantly changing labor market that covers all those professions in the technology sector that are being defined in the present and that will be increasingly demanded in the future».

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It is aimed at all people who want to evolve their work towards digital, as is already happening in many other sectors. They will learn how a Digital Marketing strategy can help them improve their competitiveness in the sector, how with a smartphone they can manage all their projects from anywhere without having to be in the office or how Big Data and IoT are changing the sector.

Do you know what kind of professional you are? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you aware of what moves you to action? What characterizes your personal brand? Do you know how other professionals see you? How strong is your network? In this free online course we will analyze those aspects that define us as people and professionals. We will also discover aspects that will contribute to build a robust and attractive professional profile that makes us happy. In short, we will discover and define our personal brand and, at the same time, build a valuable network of contacts.


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