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His computer table is the place where he prepares his papers. Several readings of the script precede the memorization of the sequences. He often records his dialogues on an iPod to listen to them before working with his coach and teacher, Javier Garcimartín, with whom he looks for nuances to bring to the characters.

This is how he entered the world of acting, after earning a place in the cast of Lorca’s ‘Diálogo del Amargo’. «I was at that age when one doesn’t know what to do, I had started studying to be a non-commissioned officer in the army, but the enthusiasm and faith in me that was transmitted to me then made me discover what acting meant.»

He would like to buy a residence in his native Granada, in the Alpujarra Baja area. In his town, Pinos del Valle, the houses have several floors, gable roofs and are quite large. «You grow up in a huge house, come to the capital and move into a tiny apartment. It’s hard, it’s a bit like putting yourself in a cage,» he says before expressing his desire to tell good stories.

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Wonderful. Shooting in this city is incredible, although we also have the so-called ‘inclemencies’. In Berlin there are very few daylight hours, so the eight-hour working days are reduced to those eight hours of daylight and we start very early. We also have to adapt everything as we go along, if it rains or snows we adapt to each situation. It’s not like in Madrid, where you can move the shooting plans. In Berlin it’s war. That’s why I like it, because you can adapt it, everything adds up, it gives a value to the production that we can rarely do. In Madrid everything is more in line with the script.

Well… I don’t wear it (laughs). I go as my character, who is the one who knows the least German. The ones who know the most are the characters who carry the most. Also the comic part of what happens to Alex is because of that. I hope that if there is a second season, to learn it.

Not at all. I’m not as whiny as he is. Alex breaks his comfort zone. And I think it’s something that happens to all of us, that we see that there is another world. When a door closes, they say a window opens. But sometimes we spend so much time looking at the closed door that we don’t realize it.

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Curious irony. In the city of Cuarzo -as Mike Davis christened it- millions of undocumented Latinos work side by side with thousands of unemployed U.S.-born people -many of them war veterans- who roam the streets of downtown begging for alms but can vote for their rulers and enjoy [some] social security.

Chicano is also Yoatl, a member of the famous hip-hop band Aztlán Underground, who says: «We are Chicanos. And when you call yourself that, you know your history, you know where you come from, you know where you have to go.

Thomas Jefferson, drafter of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, exemplifies this amphibology. He defended the idea of his homeland as a country of immigration. He was a pioneer in formulating programmatically «the natural right of all persons to leave the country in which they happened to be born, or where they happened to end up by any other chance, to go and seek subsistence and favorable conditions of life wherever they may find or think to find them.»


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